Developing old hobbies into new more modern hobbies

So those who have known me for a while know that I truly enjoy photography and I have for quite some time. I started learning more about photography in high school and found a passion for film photography the thrill of taking pictures without knowing how they they would turn out was exciting. I enjoyed spending the day in the dark room developing my film and then processing my photos and being able to watch the whole process come full circle. Fast forward to college and I still enjoyed taking photos with my roommates, but found myself dabbling more in the world of ceramics. I put photography on the back burner for a few years and focused on learning how to throw pottery on the wheel. I found ceramics to be so relaxing, walk into the studio and turn on some good music and you could throw for hours!

Once my husband and I started dating we of course talked about hobbies and the things that we both enjoyed and when I mentioned photography he thought it would be a great idea to take us into the digital world and bought me (quickly became his) a Nikon D5000. I knew how to use the camera as a point and shoot camera, but I was clueless on how to use it in manual mode and I was really lost when it came to editing software. Let’s be honest I really had no desire to learn this either and my patience as a student for Eric was lacking but he put his best effort forth. Sorry my love!

The camera became Erics’ and he got me a more simple Nikon and I was okay with this until he left…who was going to take pictures of our babies now? I admit I panicked about this a little bit because I never thought twice that I wouldn’t have someone to take our Christmas Card photo. It was all up to me now and with his guidance (thank goodness for modern technology) he is teaching me the in’s and out’s of digital photography and now my nightly reading is going to become the D5000 manual. I think while I am not working it will be a great hobby (along with learning to be a proper blogger) for me to learn better and its a more modern adaptation of the photography I once knew. I mean who doesn’t love the instant gratification of being able to see your photos right away? Until next time here are a few photos I took of my cuties this week using all manual mode…gasp!

_DSC1567 _DSC1578 _DSC1617 _DSC1589


Writing rut…

So I have been struggling with what to write about this week because we really have not had a lot going on and most days we are so busy (errands and such) that by the end of the day I enjoy just sitting on the couch and relaxing once the boys are in bed! So now I am going to be annoying and whine a little bit…

I miss my husband and having him here to do things with us, because lets be honest things are just more fun when he is around and I miss that!Β 

I know this will only get harder as the holidays get closer so really at this point I need to just get over it and be happy that I do have such a wonderful husband (That I adore and love, I know enough with the mushy stuff) and that the boys have such a great daddy that loves and misses them so much. Once he is back though I plan on just shutting out the world and enjoying our family of four, because thats the most important thing to me right now and he will have lots of catching up to do with his little guys.

On another note Parker is doing really well with his PT and she said he now has full range of motion with his neck and she just wants to work on having him meet motor milestones. She does not think he is behind at all because there is such a wide range when it comes to motor milestones she just does not want him to fall behind at all. The boys are both getting so big and I can’t believe how much they change everyday. They are nothing a like and they let me know this on a daily basis! Well hopefully I can find a little writing inspiration this week and get back on track, I really enjoy blogging but I found myself in a little rut this week with it!

Happy football Sunday from the Halvorson Boys


We have teeth!

Yup my little Parker has two teeth and I can’t believe it! I had a feeling that one of my boys would be an early teether because I was also one so they have to take after mommy in some way right? I noticed last week that his gums were really swollen and this was not normal for him and we just happened to have a pediatrician appointment the next day and she confirmed it he was also an early teether. They have not really bothered him except for at night and we did have to use tylenol two nights but I consider that to be a win in the world of teething for babies. I can’t wait to see if Mason follows along or if he will take after his daddy and wait some time before getting any teeth.

Mr. Parker’s gums last week


Teeth this week πŸ™‚


Someone misses their daddy…

and I am not just talking about the babies, I am talking about this white ball of fur we call Charlie.


Charlie is our almost 4 year old Coton de Tulear and lets just say he was our “first baby” together and he was very spoiled and I know some of this was my fault because I was the one who allowed him on the couch with us but he was just too cute I couldn’t say no to this face.


Charlie very quickly became Eric’s little buddy and he loved spending time with Eric and of course this all changed when our two little babies came into the world. Charlie and our other dog Keagan mostly just ignored the babies, but Charlie would still try to cuddle with us on the couch and quickly realized that his spot had been taken by a tiny human. Eric still played with Charlie as much as he could and I know Charlie knew that he was still Eric’s little buddy too, but then Eric left and Charlie wanted to let me know he was not happy about this.

A little of Charlie’s handiwork

Charlie and Keagan worked on this one together, can you say “teamwork”


Charlie then thought that the molding would look better with a different shape


Let’s not forget getting muddy and then running all over the carpets


I’m thinking that Charlie would have loved to become a world traveler along with Eric, but somehow Eric forgot to pack him with his things, hmmmm! I am hoping that Charlie snaps out of his little funk soon because I don’t need him teaching the boys to chew on the molding as well!

Something to look forward to

So while Eric is gone something that I am really excited about is sending him care packages, I want to use these packages to help him feel like he is a part of our daily life and that he is apart of ours. I make these boxes from the boys to their daddy and I think this makes them a little more special. Now that I know he has received his first box I can now talk about it here πŸ™‚

I started prepping for the box on …..where else? Pinterest! I found so many wonderful ideas and combined them all together along with some of my crafty early childhood education experience and came up with what I thought was a pretty cute box for the boys to send their daddy.

This is what I included in the box (keeping it Halloween themed):Β 

Some homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies, Halloween Oreos, Pumpkin breakfast bars, various halloween gummies, tex mix (not halloween themed but thought Eric would enjoy), some Monster drinks, and a pumpkin coozie.


The box was lined with black and orange scrapbook paper and I included pictures of the boys in their halloween costumes and also ghost shaped foot prints from the boys. We know daddy was looking forward to this holiday with the boys and wanted to make it fun for him too!


Lastly we topped the box with some spiderwebs for my husband to use to make things a little more festive.


I can’t wait to work on the next box and I hope that they will continue to bring my husband a little bit of sunshine and joy each time he gets one. So to end this post I will include some picture of our super cuties!

IMG_1619 IMG_1613

What do you mean my babies are old enough for food?

My boys are growing up so fast and I can’t believe that they are almost ready to start experiencing the world of foods! Today we took a little Target shopping trip (not that I needed an excuse) and we bought some exciting things to begin our transition to solids. I plan on making most of the boys food because I really want to know what they are eating and if I will be home then it really is the best choice for us. On that note I have never made baby food before and from what I hear it is pretty simple, I mean if I can cook a meal for my husband and I then I should be able to whip up some mashed green beans right? We also plan to use organic baby food as well for when we are on the go and they come in convenient little pouches so what’s not to love.

I know there are many theories on when babies should start eating food or what you should feed baby first and for us we just decided what would work best for our family and not others. We were given the green light to start solids when the boys were 4 months old and we were not comfortable with starting them at that time and our pediatrician was 100% okay with this (have I mentioned I love our pediatrician). The boys will start solids around 5.5 months and I will begin by giving them green vegetables first and then move onto other vegetables before introducing too many fruits. I know the boys will probably love the sweet stuff, but I want to give vegetables a fighting chance first.

I will admit the thought of me feeding both boys seems a little daunting, but I know we will get the hang of it and because we plan on starting off small with solids just once a day I believe we will be okay. I am looking forward to the many funny faces I will experience from them over the next few months and also for them to be able to enjoy a little food at their very first Thanksgiving!

The gear we are working with πŸ™‚

Our highchairs: The Chicco Polly

I will review them after we get a little use of them


Bowls and Spoons: Gerber Rest Easy Spoons and Gerber Bunch a Bowls

nuk_rest_easy_spoons_03 nuk_bunch_a_bowls_00

Β baby-food

This one looks delicious I can’t wait until they can try these flavors!


It’s the little things

I can officially say that we have survived our first week and it has not been nearly as bad as I had prepared myself for. I think one of the main things is that we now have the boys and they keep me very busy. When Eric would leave before we had children I would get upset and have several ugly cries and going to bed at night was always the worst time of day, but now when my head hits that pillow I want to sleep. I have to thank my little men for helping me through this and also my husband for being awesome and checking in on us whenever he can. I know it will take the boys and I a little time to settle into a routine and some days I feel a little outnumbered (because I am haha) but we are making it work and seeing their smiling faces every morning make it all worth it.

I have always known that I have a very involved husband and he is very hands on as a dad, but I didn’t realize the little things that he does to make my life easier. I was starting bath time last week and thought shoot who is going to entertain the other baby while I do bathes, so in comes the rock and play. All 3 of us crammed into the boys bathroom and had a grand ole time and I probably sound like a crazy lady trying to entertain both boys at once. They are discovering that each other now exists and while this is very cute it is also not so great for bottle time. Mason spots that bottle and if it is not in his mouth within 3 seconds prepare for an epic meltdown, luckily Parker is very patient and lets his brother go first. We have also started experiencing a nightly “witching hour” in the Halvorson household if you come around between the hours of 6-7 there is about a 50/50 chance one of the babies is upset about something but no one really knows what!

I also confessed to my husband tonight that since he has been gone I have forgotten to put the trash out twice, its the little things he did for me πŸ™‚

“mom do I have to wear this?”

IMG_1690“Who are you?”


Rocking our Babiators

IMG_1565 IMG_1564

Quiet on the home front…

Things have been quiet around here for the past week because of some big life changes and wanting to spend as much family time as possible. We found out Eric would be deploying and we had a lot to accomplish before he could leave. We only had a week to prepare and to be completely honest this was shocking and I was crushed. At this point I still don’t think it has really hit me because I didn’t have time to really process it all, I was more worried about having Eric get some projects done that needed to be finished before he left. The babies will be mobile by the time he returns so getting some of the baby proofing started was pretty important.

As for the deployment I would be lying if I said I was not heartbroken because I am, we have wanted a family for so long so that we would be able to share the excitement of watching them grow and now Eric is going to miss all their first holidays and a lot of their first milestones. I know we have many more holidays to celebrate, but that does not make it any easier. I spent my first night of deployment with some macaroni and cheese, ice cream and a glass of wine, I went for broke with the comfort items thats for sure. I am so thankful that Eric is a technology nerd and will make sure to do whatever he can to be able to see us as much as possible through FaceTime, messaging and talking on the phone. He is such a wonderful hands on dad and I am really going to miss his help over the next months and miss him of course. He is truly my best friend.

I wish we had more time to do things for the boys so that they can see their daddy all the time, but for now they have pictures and Eric also recorded them a story book that I play for them at bed time (who am I kidding I like listening to this as well!…insert ugly sob here). I know we will get through all of this and at the end we will enjoy a nice family vacation together. I am thankful the boys are young and don’t really understand what is going on because seeing the older children was truly heartbreaking. The boys and I are looking forward to staying really busy and hanging out with friends and family over the next months and counting down the days until we get our very best friend back in our life!


deployment quote

Mason’s new trick

Mason was playing on the floor yesterday and before I knew it he was on his belly and then within seconds he was on his back again! He has been so close to rolling and he has finally figured it out and I am one proud mama. He can’t stop rolling now that he has figured it out, but the only problem we are having is that he sometimes get stuck on his belly and this makes him pretty frustrated. We are hoping he figures this out soon so he can be a much happier baby πŸ™‚ Mason’s doctor is also having us try him on some reflux medicine and it has done wonders for him. He has been on it for a week now and he is so much happier, he would cry quite a bit before and we couldn’t figure out what the problem was and after some trial and error and I think this is what works for now. He is just smiling all the time now and this was not happening before, I hope that the medicine continues to help him in the future.

The scary sight Mason gives his mom with his new trick


4 months old!

Our boys are now 4 months old! We can’t believe how fast the time has flown and my babies are now 1/3 of the way to a year old…sound the violins :(.

They had they 4 month appointment today and they both are doing so awesome. I can’t say enough about their awesome pediatrician, maybe it is because we have twins but the nurses and doctor remember us every time we walk into the door and this was very important to Eric and I. We switched the boys off the traditional military health insurance to what they call the “standard” version, this allowed us to pick their doctor. We have to now pay deductibles and co-pays but really I can’t put a price on my child’s health so I can’t complain about this one bit. Now onto the stats:

Parker isΒ 12 lbs 5 ounces and he is 25 inches long

IMG_0369 DSCN0770

Mason is 13 lbs 15 ounces and he is 26 inches long

IMG_0444 DSCN0772

They are both super long now and they fall into the 50th (Parker) percentile and 85th (Mason) percentile, this is impressive because this is on the 4 month scale and they are actually 3 months adjusted.

Parker is in the 2nd percentile for weight and Mason is in the 16th percentile so they are long and lean, but have big noggins with both of them in the 60th percentile.

Even though they were born 4 weeks early they still put them on the charts as if they were full term babies so I am happy with their progress. They handled their vaccines like little champs and mommy only cried a little bit, I swear it takes me longer to get over them. I need my baby boys to slow down a little bit!

IMG_0392 IMG_1429