Our love for aden + anais

This post is going to a little bit different, I want to talk about one of my favorite baby items and I think it might be one of the boys favorites as well! When I was pregnant of of the things that I had wanted to have were aden + anais swaddle blankets, I had heard rave reviews and these sounded like some magical kind of blanket. After our baby shower had come and gone Eric and I went shopping with a few of our gift cards and I picked up a pack of muslin  a+a blankets from babies r us, little did I know this was just the beginning. We used our muslin blankets a lot in the beginning because the boys really did like being swaddled and it helped them to sleep much better and they were perfect for car rides and shading the boys from the sun, but then came the game changers! 

My sister came to visit and with her she brought some aden + anais bamboo swaddling blankets from her good friend Jamie (thanks Jamie I am now addicted 🙂 but the boys love them). These are the ones we got! 


These blankets are like butter, they are the softest blankets you will ever feel and I totally get why the babies can’t get enough of them. 


Thanks to the ladies from my baby birth month group I discovered the whole world of aden + anais, mommies go crazy over these blankets admittedly I am becoming one of them! I have purchased the boys quite a few more blankets but we use these things all the time and the boys are always sucking on them or spitting up on them and as stated in my last post laundry is not on the top of my list so we need to have extra around. If the boys are every upset Eric and I can just hold them and give them a blanket and they seem to calm right down (magically I tell ya!). Parker had a meltdown the other day at the pediatrician’s office and I am so glad I had a blanket with me because he just grabbed onto and cuddled right up and feel asleep, I was this close to becoming “that” lady with the screaming baby that everyone was staring at.

I also have to say that the company has amazing customer service, I called because I wanted to see if I washed my blanket wrong because it started to come apart and they reassured me this should not happen and sent me a whole set, what company can you say would actually do that?! The boys now have swaddles, dream blankets, bibs and my mom got them a couple of sleep sacks too, I would say they are pretty well set…well until a new print comes out that we want need, hehe! I think at the end of all this Parker might have to join aden + anais anonymous because this boy sure loves his blankets. 


*disclaimer he is not sleeping like this he just pulled it over his face

A little more blanket loving from my boys! 

IMG_1022 IMG_0625   



The pressures of parenthood

Before having babies I had so many plans and ideas of how I would raise them and how we would parent, but I will tell you when they arrive this all goes out the window! I was dead set on the fact that we would cloth diaper, not only were they super cute and eco-friendly but they would save us a boat load of money. The truth is we can’t even keep up on our regular laundry let alone diaper laundry. I am pretty sure that the only laundry that gets put away in this house is the boys, Eric and I live out of our laundry baskets as embarrassing as this is. We have purchased quite a few cloth diapers before the boys and luckily they have a great resale value especially since they had not been used. I was able to sell them and get a lot of stuff for the boys such as fun new toys and I was able to fund a new ring sling for myself, yay! 

The other thing I was set on doing was being able to nurse the boys. I knew twins would be a challenge but little did I know how much of a challenge it would be. Mason spent his first week of life in the NICU and honestly they pushed the bottle. They needed to know how much he was eating and they couldn’t tell by nursing. He had a terrible time latching and since my baby being was being held hostage for not eating enough we caved to the bottle. We wanted our baby home with us and we wanted for Parker to have a normal life and not to spend his first days of life being shuffled back and forth from the hospital. Looking back I would do so much different, I was so consumed with pumping for Mason that I just ended up pumping for Parker too and because of this he never really got the hang of nursing. I continued to pump until they were 12 weeks and then I just had enough I was missing out on spending time with my babies and this was not the bonding experience I was hoping for. It took a lot for me to make this choice, but it was the best for my family. I knew they had received a lot of the benefits of breast milk at this point. I felt that I was beginning to resent having to pump and it was leading down a slippery slope that probably would have ended with depression. To the moms that exclusively pump you all are amazing because it is no easy task especially with multiples. My boys are just as healthy as before and I am a much happier and healthier mama! 

One thing that has gone as planned is that we decided from the beginning that we would not bed share with the boys and that we would only co-sleep (in the same room with us) while they were very little. I know this is a hot topic but we felt that this is what was best for us. We have always used that time before bed to just lay in bed and talk and be a couple and we didn’t want this to go away once we had kids. We spend the rest of our day with our children but once they go to bed we are making an effort to make it “our time”. I am happy to report that both boys sleep in their cribs and are doing awesome! We are very thankful for the invention of a video monitor though because I do love checking on my little cuties often. We have been very lucky to have great little sleepers they go down for bed at 8:30 and usually wake for the first time around 4:00 am. I know this could change at any moment so I will enjoy it while I can. Overall we have decided that parenthood is like flying by the seat of your pants you just need to take the challenges as they come and enjoy the ride! 



Operation baby play space

One thing that both Eric and I take pride in is our home, we have always been complimented on how our home is decorated  and the items that we find for our home. When we had our babies we knew that we did not want our house to look like a baby explosion and I admit it does! Our living room is no longer our own and it is filled with swings, gliders, pack and plays, and play mats and while I am so over joyed with having our babies and would not change this for the world we have decided that it is time to make them their own space. Our living room will still have quite a few items but we want their main play area to be in our bonus room. Our bonus room is located on the third floor of our house so that is the one downfall (more exercise for us though) but it is a huge space and the boys would have plenty of room to play! I have so many inspirations for their playroom and I want it to be this wonderful space that they enjoy playing in and that we enjoy being in as a family. This is the area currently and what I am starting with.

photo 1 photo 2


The first thing that I want to do is paint that wall with chalkboard paint, I also love the little tent! 



I also want to add a little area like this using a piece of metal for them to have their own area to stick letters and to also hang up their artwork. I know they won’t really appreciate this until they are older but it would be a nice little addition.


Lastly we need some storage! right now we don’t have many toys for the boys but I know after their first Christmas this will all change very quickly. We will be getting the boys chairs from Pottery Barn so that they will hopefully want to snuggle up with some books and relax. I can’t wait to share the progress of the room and I am so excited to get started it is like creating their nursery all over again! I see an IKEA trip in my near future 🙂

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Baby sweetness of the day! 

IMG_1145 IMG_1146


Time to step it up in the workout department

So having twins is wonderful and amazing and I wouldn’t trade my two little boys for anything in the world, but let me tell you carrying and growing two babies for 36 weeks can do a number on your body. During my pregnancy I admit that I slacked in the staying active department. I spent the first 15 weeks tired and sick miserable, I had terrible morning sickness and it took everything I had to just get through the workday and come home and finish my graduate school work. I also ate whatever I could keep down during this time, I know I know I probably ate far too many McChicken sandwiches. Once I started feeling better I still continued on this path of not working out and I know deep down I had a fear that if I did workout too hard and something happened to them I would never forgive myself. I needed these babies to bake as long as they possibly could. I wanted “take home” babies and that was my goal. Even with my less than desirable eating habits I still managed to not do all that terrible in the weight gain department. When I delivered I had gained about 38 pounds and for having two babies (11 lbs), two amniotic sacs, and all that other fun pregnancy related stuff I didn’t feel too terrible about that number. I have lost pretty much all of that weight but what they don’t tell you is your body will NEVER be the same! 

I have a lot of work to do to get back to a place that I am comfortable with but I have to remind myself that it took 9 months to get this way and I can’t expect results overnight. I know I need to dedicate myself to this and I can do it, hey thats what a double stroller is for right? I need to hit the pavement running…well maybe we will start out with walking 😉 Eric and I are trying to eat more clean and cook healthier meals but still allow ourselves to be human beings and indulge from time to time. Also currently my sister, mom and I are having a fitbit challenge and I am ashamed to say my mom is kicking our butts! My goal is that by the time the boys are 36 weeks old I will be able to be more tone and lose another 20-25 pounds, so I have 21 weeks to step up my game. Happy working out everyone! 


disclaimer: I am very happy and proud of my body for carrying two babies and by no means am I worried about getting back into shape, I just want to be healthy for my baby boys 🙂


34 weeks 3 days with my boys

A little update on the boys

The boys are now 14 weeks old and they are changing all the time, I swear I go to sleep and when I wake up they are doing something new! Parker now weighs a little over 11 pounds which is huge compared to the little peanut we took him home as (4 lbs 7oz). He is our super happy and smiley baby I swear he smiles every time I look him. Parker is now rolling to his side and I don’t think it will be too long before he rolls over. When the boys were 8 weeks old I had concerns about Parker and the shape of his head and his pediatrician was also concerned and diagnosed him with positional plagiocephaly aka. flat head and she was also concerned that he had Torticollis. Torticollis is when you have a tight muscle in your neck and it may be hard to turn to other direction, for Parker he preferred looking to his left and not his right. This can be caused by his position in utero which for him was breech, Parker checked all the boxes for infants diagnosed with Torticollis he was a premature breech baby boy. The Torticollis was causing him to develop a flat spot on his head. He has been in Physical Therapy now for about 4 weeks and the improvement has been drastic, the strides he has made are amazing and his is impressing his therapist (I mean who wouldn’t this cute guy impress anyway hehe). His little noggin is becoming nice and round just the way we want it to be!

Mason is now almost 13 pounds and loves to eat! Mason spent his first week of life in the NICU because of an apnea spell on his day of birth and then they held him a few more days because they were concerned he was not eating well…if they could only see this little big guy now. Mason is now smiling and rolling to his side as well but he is also very content just hanging out. We think he is going to be a stubborn little man because he only does things when he wants and if he does not want to do it he will let you know, I wonder where he gets this from? haha. It is so crazy to me how different these two are, they were born looking very similar and even that now has changed. They have their own little personalities and I hope that we will raise them to be great little human beings. We can’t wait to start taking more adventures with these two, I want to show them so much and let them experience the world. Now onto the cuteness 🙂




IMG_0955 Mason


IMG_1003Our goofy boys! 

IMG_1033 Parker



Being a parent changes you

I have discovered that being a parent changes you; it brings out emotions that you never knew existed. Last week we took a road trip to visit my family in the New England area and along the way we witnessed far too many fatal car accidents, before having children of my own this of course would have upset me but now it was different. At that moment I felt nervous for the fact that it could have been our car that got hit by someone one driving recklessly and that I could do nothing to protect my babies if this did in fact happen. I realized that I couldn’t protect them from everything and this is a scary but true fact of being a parent. 

Also on this drive we witnessed a very tragic accident approaching the state of Connecticut. A Connecticut National Guard vehicle was involved in an accident and for the first time in my life I saw a causality of an accident. There on the side of I-95 was a solider, a man whose life was claimed by this terrifying accident. They tried to shield his body as much as possible, but very visible were his boots. I know these boots all too well, I watch my husband walk into the door each night wearing those same exact boots and at that moment I felt intense sadness. This man was someone’s husband and possibly someone’s daddy. His wife probably spent many sleepless nights worrying about this man while he deployed overseas and felt great relief knowing that he was back stateside to have this happen. Again before children this is still a very upsetting and tragic accident, but now it felt different. I feared the thought of ever having this happen to my children. Lets just say a few tears were shed and I hugged my babies a little bit closer that night.  I now know I have 18 years a lifetime of these feelings coming at me. 

The mess we hit in NY





Parker enjoying the big boy bed!



My tiny travelers 


Today is the day!

Today is the day that I submit my very last graduate school assignment. I am so excited to be finished and very proud that I was able to accomplish all of this while working 40 plus hours a week and pregnant with twins. Wish me luck as I wait for my final grades! I did what a lot of students do during their undergraduate years and just got by, but for my graduate degree I wanted more and I wanted to know that I could actually do this and do it well. I hope one day that my boys will look to me as an example of the things you can achieve in this world if you just put your mind into it 🙂

Our little introduction!

Now that we are a family of four I have decided that this would be a great time to take on blogging to share our life and our adventures with both our family and our friends and also with those who may relate well to our daily adventures. I have always enjoyed creative writing and now that we have our wonderful twin boys I want to remember these moments with them (they are only this little once, right?). I’m hoping to be able to share our adventures in being first time parents, review products and share recipes we love, and take on challenges and changes!

Now a little bit about us…my husband Eric and I met in January 2010 through friends and while we both were not looking for love at the moment it all just fell into place. We dated and fell in love and I knew that I couldn’t imagine my life without this man by my side. Eric is in the Army therefore he has to move often and 2010 was one of those years so we decided to get married in September 2010 and we began our life as a military family. We knew that we wanted to have children and after two moves and too many months of waiting (more on this in another post) we were truly excited and over the moon to welcome our baby boys Mason and Parker in May 2014. They are so amazing and bring us so much joy, you truly never know the love a parent has for their child until you have a child of your own. We now reside in NC and I have just finished my Masters degree in Early Childhood Education, I’m searching for my dream job but until then I will just enjoy cuddling my babies!

My husband and myself both enjoy photography so I will end our introduction with a few amazing shots (taken by my husband) of our baby boys!