Mason’s new trick

Mason was playing on the floor yesterday and before I knew it he was on his belly and then within seconds he was on his back again! He has been so close to rolling and he has finally figured it out and I am one proud mama. He can’t stop rolling now that he has figured it out, but the only problem we are having is that he sometimes get stuck on his belly and this makes him pretty frustrated. We are hoping he figures this out soon so he can be a much happier baby 🙂 Mason’s doctor is also having us try him on some reflux medicine and it has done wonders for him. He has been on it for a week now and he is so much happier, he would cry quite a bit before and we couldn’t figure out what the problem was and after some trial and error and I think this is what works for now. He is just smiling all the time now and this was not happening before, I hope that the medicine continues to help him in the future.

The scary sight Mason gives his mom with his new trick



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