Quiet on the home front…

Things have been quiet around here for the past week because of some big life changes and wanting to spend as much family time as possible. We found out Eric would be deploying and we had a lot to accomplish before he could leave. We only had a week to prepare and to be completely honest this was shocking and I was crushed. At this point I still don’t think it has really hit me because I didn’t have time to really process it all, I was more worried about having Eric get some projects done that needed to be finished before he left. The babies will be mobile by the time he returns so getting some of the baby proofing started was pretty important.

As for the deployment I would be lying if I said I was not heartbroken because I am, we have wanted a family for so long so that we would be able to share the excitement of watching them grow and now Eric is going to miss all their first holidays and a lot of their first milestones. I know we have many more holidays to celebrate, but that does not make it any easier. I spent my first night of deployment with some macaroni and cheese, ice cream and a glass of wine, I went for broke with the comfort items thats for sure. I am so thankful that Eric is a technology nerd and will make sure to do whatever he can to be able to see us as much as possible through FaceTime, messaging and talking on the phone. He is such a wonderful hands on dad and I am really going to miss his help over the next months and miss him of course. He is truly my best friend.

I wish we had more time to do things for the boys so that they can see their daddy all the time, but for now they have pictures and Eric also recorded them a story book that I play for them at bed time (who am I kidding I like listening to this as well!…insert ugly sob here). I know we will get through all of this and at the end we will enjoy a nice family vacation together. I am thankful the boys are young and don’t really understand what is going on because seeing the older children was truly heartbreaking. The boys and I are looking forward to staying really busy and hanging out with friends and family over the next months and counting down the days until we get our very best friend back in our life!


deployment quote


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