It’s the little things

I can officially say that we have survived our first week and it has not been nearly as bad as I had prepared myself for. I think one of the main things is that we now have the boys and they keep me very busy. When Eric would leave before we had children I would get upset and have several ugly cries and going to bed at night was always the worst time of day, but now when my head hits that pillow I want to sleep. I have to thank my little men for helping me through this and also my husband for being awesome and checking in on us whenever he can. I know it will take the boys and I a little time to settle into a routine and some days I feel a little outnumbered (because I am haha) but we are making it work and seeing their smiling faces every morning make it all worth it.

I have always known that I have a very involved husband and he is very hands on as a dad, but I didn’t realize the little things that he does to make my life easier. I was starting bath time last week and thought shoot who is going to entertain the other baby while I do bathes, so in comes the rock and play. All 3 of us crammed into the boys bathroom and had a grand ole time and I probably sound like a crazy lady trying to entertain both boys at once. They are discovering that each other now exists and while this is very cute it is also not so great for bottle time. Mason spots that bottle and if it is not in his mouth within 3 seconds prepare for an epic meltdown, luckily Parker is very patient and lets his brother go first. We have also started experiencing a nightly “witching hour” in the Halvorson household if you come around between the hours of 6-7 there is about a 50/50 chance one of the babies is upset about something but no one really knows what!

I also confessed to my husband tonight that since he has been gone I have forgotten to put the trash out twice, its the little things he did for me 🙂

“mom do I have to wear this?”

IMG_1690“Who are you?”


Rocking our Babiators

IMG_1565 IMG_1564


4 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Oh the ‘witching hour’ is the worst! Too late to put down for a nap and too early for sleep = meltdown chaos! Bless your heart with two- although I know you are more than capable of handling it


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