What do you mean my babies are old enough for food?

My boys are growing up so fast and I can’t believe that they are almost ready to start experiencing the world of foods! Today we took a little Target shopping trip (not that I needed an excuse) and we bought some exciting things to begin our transition to solids. I plan on making most of the boys food because I really want to know what they are eating and if I will be home then it really is the best choice for us. On that note I have never made baby food before and from what I hear it is pretty simple, I mean if I can cook a meal for my husband and I then I should be able to whip up some mashed green beans right? We also plan to use organic baby food as well for when we are on the go and they come in convenient little pouches so what’s not to love.

I know there are many theories on when babies should start eating food or what you should feed baby first and for us we just decided what would work best for our family and not others. We were given the green light to start solids when the boys were 4 months old and we were not comfortable with starting them at that time and our pediatrician was 100% okay with this (have I mentioned I love our pediatrician). The boys will start solids around 5.5 months and I will begin by giving them green vegetables first and then move onto other vegetables before introducing too many fruits. I know the boys will probably love the sweet stuff, but I want to give vegetables a fighting chance first.

I will admit the thought of me feeding both boys seems a little daunting, but I know we will get the hang of it and because we plan on starting off small with solids just once a day I believe we will be okay. I am looking forward to the many funny faces I will experience from them over the next few months and also for them to be able to enjoy a little food at their very first Thanksgiving!

The gear we are working with 🙂

Our highchairs: The Chicco Polly

I will review them after we get a little use of them


Bowls and Spoons: Gerber Rest Easy Spoons and Gerber Bunch a Bowls

nuk_rest_easy_spoons_03 nuk_bunch_a_bowls_00


This one looks delicious I can’t wait until they can try these flavors!



2 thoughts on “What do you mean my babies are old enough for food?

  1. I made ALL of Sages baby food- mostly because it was just kind of fun 🙂 I made big batches and then froze it in ice cube trays for when I needed it (because I was working at the time and couldn’t do daily prep). I started her on squash because it was one of the more blander veggies and not too sweet like fruit is. Then I think I moved to pumpkin… Then green veggies. She would normally not eat the green veggies plain- always had to add a tad of pear or apple in there but only a small amount. Baby food is one of the messiest, most annoying and FUNNEST times 🙂


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