Someone misses their daddy…

and I am not just talking about the babies, I am talking about this white ball of fur we call Charlie.


Charlie is our almost 4 year old Coton de Tulear and lets just say he was our “first baby” together and he was very spoiled and I know some of this was my fault because I was the one who allowed him on the couch with us but he was just too cute I couldn’t say no to this face.


Charlie very quickly became Eric’s little buddy and he loved spending time with Eric and of course this all changed when our two little babies came into the world. Charlie and our other dog Keagan mostly just ignored the babies, but Charlie would still try to cuddle with us on the couch and quickly realized that his spot had been taken by a tiny human. Eric still played with Charlie as much as he could and I know Charlie knew that he was still Eric’s little buddy too, but then Eric left and Charlie wanted to let me know he was not happy about this.

A little of Charlie’s handiwork

Charlie and Keagan worked on this one together, can you say “teamwork”


Charlie then thought that the molding would look better with a different shape


Let’s not forget getting muddy and then running all over the carpets


I’m thinking that Charlie would have loved to become a world traveler along with Eric, but somehow Eric forgot to pack him with his things, hmmmm! I am hoping that Charlie snaps out of his little funk soon because I don’t need him teaching the boys to chew on the molding as well!


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