Writing rut…

So I have been struggling with what to write about this week because we really have not had a lot going on and most days we are so busy (errands and such) that by the end of the day I enjoy just sitting on the couch and relaxing once the boys are in bed! So now I am going to be annoying and whine a little bit…

I miss my husband and having him here to do things with us, because lets be honest things are just more fun when he is around and I miss that! 

I know this will only get harder as the holidays get closer so really at this point I need to just get over it and be happy that I do have such a wonderful husband (That I adore and love, I know enough with the mushy stuff) and that the boys have such a great daddy that loves and misses them so much. Once he is back though I plan on just shutting out the world and enjoying our family of four, because thats the most important thing to me right now and he will have lots of catching up to do with his little guys.

On another note Parker is doing really well with his PT and she said he now has full range of motion with his neck and she just wants to work on having him meet motor milestones. She does not think he is behind at all because there is such a wide range when it comes to motor milestones she just does not want him to fall behind at all. The boys are both getting so big and I can’t believe how much they change everyday. They are nothing a like and they let me know this on a daily basis! Well hopefully I can find a little writing inspiration this week and get back on track, I really enjoy blogging but I found myself in a little rut this week with it!

Happy football Sunday from the Halvorson Boys



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